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At Pay What You Think Thrift Store, you get to take control of the pricing! Shop for donated goods and decide what you think is fair. No haggling, no hassle—just pay what you think the item is worth.

A business on a mission to allow people a choice of what they believe an item is worth!

At our thrift, 10% of all sales will directly go to charitable causes. We provide several different choices for non-profits, so you can decide where your money goes. When you shop with us, you join us on a journey to change lives - one thrifted item at a time. Come and shop with us today and make a difference in the world!

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At Pay What You Think Thrift Store, we believe that everyone should have the power to choose how much they pay for the items they need. We provide our customers with the opportunity to purchase thrifted and liquidated items for the price they think is fair, allowing them to stretch their dollar and get the items they need. Our mission is to provide our customers with choice and power when it comes to buying the things they need.

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